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Welcome to Lentismind, 

We are a team of hackers offering our services. We are professionals and always get the job done. 


We offer various services such as: 

  • Tracker: We can determine the geolocation of any device, exact street and building, with our option of “Access to device” we can determine the exact room the device is in. 

  • Access to Devices: We can gain access into any device and grab content or info you are looking for 

  • Social Media Access: We are specialized social engineers. We can gain access to all social network accounts. (Outlook, Proton Mail, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, OneLogin, Reddit, Twitter-mobile, Amazon, Citrix, Coinbase, Instagram, Okta,, Airbnb, GitHub, PayPal, TikTok, and many more).  

  • Evilginx2: Full Tutorial and walkthrough on how to properly configure and use Evilginx2. ;-)     

  • Denial Of Service: We can conduct DDOS on any website or web application we can also attack targets with ransomware on both mobile and PC. 

  • Dox: We can extract personal information from any of your victims. (Real-names, DOB, Driving License, Siblings, Parent, Mothers maiden name, SSN, TIN Tax Documents.) any information you need we can get it. 

  • Licenses: We can process and alter any license and record i.e., Business licenses, Government licenses i.e. (Driving license, Speeding tickets, Criminal records, local newspaper records, and many more.) 

  • School and previous job records: We can change your grades from your school or university database and generate transcripts, we can accelerate your graduation process.  

If you are in debt in the USA, we can clear all your debts and fix your credit score within two weeks. No upfront payment is required we get paid when you are debt-free. 


at Lentismind we attend to all of your Cyber Security needs. 


Contact us on Wickr @Lentismind  

                         Telegram @Lentismindz 


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  • Posted: Fri 10 September

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